FENIX Consulting is your partner to find and retain the right talent for your organization and to guarantee their further growth and development. We strongly belief in the power of talent. Because, let’s face it: the talent in your organization ultimately determines the success of your organization.

FENIX – growth and innovation

FENIX is a metaphor for continuous growth and innovation. Our purpose is to challenge ourselves to offer organizations the best solutions for the HR challenges of today and tomorrow. Our strengths? Professionalism, knowledge, technology, experienced consultants and above all curiosity about people, teams and organizations. We let people shine, teams excel and we make organizations more future proof.

How do we go about this?

Innovation, market and client focus, drive, quality and scientific embedding are our core values. Together with our partner GITP & PiCompany we bring people and data together. We call it Talent Intelligence. We offer you an integrated talent management approach: the combination of technology and the expertise of our professionals provides insight into talent, employability and development potential of your employees. To that end, we offer solutions tailored to your wishes and expectations. Whether it concerns assessment and development centers, leadership solutions, coaching or training, FENIX has the right solutions when it comes to talent. We are at your side to overcome the challenges of today and to achieve the objectives of tomorrow.

Our roots

Fenix ​​Consulting is the result of the merger of GITP Results through People (formerly GITP Belgium), Profondo and Katena. FENIX is the exclusive partner of GITP & PiCompany in Belgium.

Our partner GITP was established in 1947 as part of the Marshall plan. The idea: contribute to economic reconstruction starting from science and modern technology. GITP still has a solid foundation in science. They have their own research and development department that provides state-of-the-art instruments. . PiCompany (100% subsidiary of GITP) is the market leader in online assessment and development tools.

Close to you

With easily accessible offices in Antwerp, Zaventem, Hasselt and Ghent, we are close to our customers.