The power of data


Reflector Big Five

Find the best match between personality and competences for each role

With Reflector Big Five Personality you will find the best match between personality traits and competences. For every employee. In every position.

Reflector Drives

Insight into personal motives of employees

What drives your employees? Where do they get energy from in their work?

Connector Ability

Testing cognitive abilities in a honest and reliable way?

This is possible with the adaptive Connector Ability test. Regardless of language and cultural background..

Talent Match

Certainty about match and development potential with only one report

Talent Match integrates cognitive capacities, personality, drivers and potential in one report. For insight into competencies and potential.

Talent Match Agility

Insight into the agility of employees and organization

Agile organizations thrive with changes. And perform better. Talent Match Agility maps the agility of employees and organizations.

Identify Personality

Fast preselection through insight into personality and work behavior

Identify Personality is a compact tool for fast preselection. Based on personality and eight types of work behavior. You use the results for targeted selection interviews.

Serious Games

An inspiring way of learning