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Why an assessment or development center?

An assessment of development center offers an organization more certainty about your qualities and development opportunities based on an objective insight into your talents and development potential. Depending on the specific request of our client, we organize an assessment center or a development center.

What are competencies?

A competence is the ability or knowledge to perform an action or solve a problem correctly. Even under difficult circumstances. When it comes to owning a competency, it’s all about the right combination of behavior, knowledge and skills.

I have a question. Who can I get in touch with?

Are you invited through our candidate portal? Here you will find the different steps of your assessment or development center. If you still have a question, please contact us by phone at + 32 2 456 80. We will be happy to assist you.

Wat happens to my data?

To be able to perform your assessment or development center against the background of the organization’s question, we collect information about you, such as your name and address details, contact details, gender, your resume, education level, answers to test questions and test scores. You can find additional information in our privacy policy.

Your final report will be destroyed after 2 years. You always have the right to request the destruction of your file within this retention period. FENIX treats your data confidentially. Our consultants only share the final report with you and with our client.


What do I need to complete the online questionnaires, games and tests at home ?

All you need is a computer with a stable internet connection and a recent browser (Internet Explorer 9 and lower is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore no longer guaranteed by us). The questionnaires and tests work best on a computer. Also on a tablet, but because there is so much variation in tablets, we have not been able to test the questionnaires and tests for all types. So we cannot guarantee that the tests and questionnaires actually work on every type of tablet.
Note: Make sure to turn off the automatic translation in your internet browser. Otherwise questions might be translated in a weird manner.

What questions can I expect during the interview?

During an assessment center, our consultant opts for a ‘behavioral interview’. The consultant will mainly focus on role-relevant competencies. In addition, ambitions and motivation, career and strengths and development points are also discussed. In a development center our consultant wants to gain insight into possible career options and development questions within the organization context of the client. Of course, previous career steps, motivation and ambitions also play an important role. Finally, a perspective assessment focuses purely on your motives, motivations and ambitions without an organizational context, thus also offering a view on orientation outside the organization.

Role plays, practical simulation exercises, cases, serious games, …?

During a role play or simulation you are placed in a fictitious situation. Your conversation partner is a second consultant (co-assessor) who plays his or her lifelike role. The lead assessor can see how you react in this simulated situation. In the role play a strong appeal is made to your social and communication skills, or your leadership skills. The lead assessor observes your behavior during these simulations. After each exercise we provide a moment of reflection with feedback.

Depending on the objective of the assessment or development center, other specific cases, serious games or self-evaluations can be part of the process.


How do I get feedback of the results ?

At the end of the day you will receive a personal feedback from the lead assessor. The final report is prepared and forwarded to the client.

What is in the report ?

Depending on the client’s question, our consultant provides insight into your motivation and motives, your talents and points to be developed, based on various personality questionnaires, capacity tests, games, cases and practical assessment exercises. Depending on the client’s request, the degree of self-direction, your pitfalls in difficult situations, your leadership / influencing style and other points can also be highlighted.

Following an assessment, the client receives a recommendation about the degree of your suitability for a certain role within a certain context. Development tips or development advice are also included in the report of a Development Center. If it concerns a career issue (perspective assessment), we provide advice on appropriate career steps and development opportunities.

What do I do when I have questions about the result ?

You can contact the lead assessor by telephone. Our consultant can also help you with a further development plan. As a participant in an Assessment or Development Center you receive a 10% discount if you opt for coaching or training after your assessment. Ask your consultant about the possibilities.


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